15 Dec

Still not done, but getting closer.

My first outfit is “done-ish”…It’s still going to undergo a few last minute changes, but I’ve informed it’s namesake and let them see a copy of the work so far. Yay!

Ohhh also also also! Both outfits have some scripted interactive texture change loveliness and and adn adn I scripted it all by myself!! (Well, me and the lsl wiki of course). Of course these are very basic scripts but I think I’m *finally* getting a grasp on LSL…woot woot!

Now working on outfit #2 things that need finishing….the pants mostly. Gah. I’m afraid of pants. Actually, when I worked on the pants last time I was afraid but I found it fun, but now I’m avoiding the finishing and the…you guessed it, wrinkles. They are truly the bane of my existance. I know that I’m horribly hard on myself because I’ve come to realize that other people’s wrinkles, even when they aren’t done that wonderfully, don’t bother me much. But my own….99% of the time they just look like I’m drawing white and black lines all over, and I can’t get that out of my mind when I look at them! Also, it doesn’t help that what looks darn good in photoshop often does not once on the avatar. I am having some success, don’t get me wrong, but it takes me doing it 4 or 8 or 56487 times before I’m happy.

That’s also why the past 2 days I took a little break from working on stuff. I did the poco locos avatar hunt (and won the CUUUUTEST lil snowman AV!) and started the POE hunt.

I’m not new to creative work, so I know when I need a little distance and I can afford the time, I will do it. And I have! Not that I’ve completely taken the past few days off…I’ve been working on:

Looking into the gift card thing and….ugh. !!

It’s more than just a gift card system, it’s also vendor systems (didn’t think I needed a vendor system per say but realized that if I get a gift card system, both I’m looking at include this so it makes the decision more complicated). The gift card system *everyone* has (it seems) is……omg so expensive. so expensive that I wouldn’t be able to open with it, it would have to be a month or so in when I have more inventory and can run a gift card sale to pay for the costs. Unless I go the hippo route, which has a gift card module and is much more affordable, but I need to do a bit more research into the workings of the hippo system. what I absolutely don’t want is a vendor that only delivers boxes. *must* be folders. nor do I want a system that works on left click and then assumes you have a giftcard and you have cancel out of a million blue menus when you don’t. I hate that.

Toying with subscribo vs. hippogroups. But most likely will be hippogroups. Subscribo tries to lure you in with free for the first 500 and even reasonablish price up to 1000 but after that the price skyrockets soooo much it’s just insane. But subscribo is better known and “more recognizable” (black easel, lil green light, you know it’s a subscribo), but I’m not sure if that really matters if I place the group join kiosk in a good place with clear infos.

I also finally rented the spot next to my store (I now have rented the plots on either side) and have a spot to put my Happy Mood tree! And also conviently move a few outside decor items over just a meter or two so I have more prims for my store 🙂 Eventually this will be where I sell some furnitures…for now will be a relaxing spot with a workspace in the sky.

Also, I FINALLY joined Plurk. I tried searching for people but I already hate that I can’t search for people? I managed to find Alicia, and then got frustrated. So take pity on me and add me!

Sorry this post was so boring! When my store is open I promise I won’t drivel on as much about boooring business stuffs. As much. ;p


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