Question for the Hive Mind

1 Dec

Does anyone have suggestions about a good gift card system? Even if it’s just from hearing about it, not using it as a vendor. Or any gift card systems to avoid. I’m having a terrible time finding these, and this isn’t a product you want a fly-by-night/cheapie that might not work right or could be hacked. Also I need a system with some options, like being able to have gift card sales, etc etc etc.

Normally I wouldn’t worry so much about getting a gift card system up right away, but ‘Tis The Season and to not have something available is shooting yourself in the foot. All items in my store will be copy/mod/no trans, but I will also have a gift vendor with no copy/mod/trans items. One bonus is that if you receive a no copy/mod/trans item as a gift and prefer the other permissions (copy/mod/notrans), you can do a 1 time, 1 way exchange. But I plan on tons and tons and tons of cool customer service type stuffs. Some of which won’t be available right away because they will require some high-end custom scripting (so not telling quite yet).

Which is another thing…know any brilliant scripters that do custom work? Not for right away, but perhaps starting within the next month or so.

On another note, in the wrinkles vs. sanity battle, I’m starting to pull ahead ever so slightly. More importantly, actually enjoying the process some! It feels good to finally get some use out of my Wacom tablet I’ve had for 3 years and have hardly used.


2 Responses to “Question for the Hive Mind”

  1. Alicia Chenaux December 3, 2008 at 10:03 am #

    Not sure if you got an answer to this, but check with Sai and see what she uses. I like whatever system it is that she uses, and have seen it in other stores. 🙂

  2. Patchouli Woollahra December 9, 2008 at 4:28 am #

    If you’re using HippoVend the latest version allows you to craft your own gift cards/vendors. It’s good enough in that it even deals properly on its own with the common issue of “less value on voucher than the item costs”.

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