More back and I’m 2

11 Sep

More back than before, but still not 100%. Mostly because we booked a 3 week RL job that starts Monday (OK, technically tomorrow) and I’ve been doing a whole lotta nothing cept resting up and pokin n prodding around SL some.

But I did get a plot of land and have been working on a build for Burning Life. Even though it officially doesn’t open until Sept 27, I’ll be working 6 day weeks, 12+ hours a day until then so I need to finish it up mostly this weekend. Wow, look at me talk like someone who’s gainfully (if only temporarily) employed.

So yes this new job (only 3 weeks) will put a serious damper on my SL time. But I’m sure I’ll log in every night at least for a bit, if I don’t fall asleep from exhaustion the second I get home. Did I mention it’s a golf movie? Sure to help shed some of my enlarging arse. [Edit: the job is working on set, camera department this time, of a little indie movie. I forget who knows and who doesnt know what I do for RL work, but I can do lots of different jobs so sometimes I can’t even keep track myself!]

And OMG I almost forgot, today is my rez day. Yes, my rezz day is 9/11. Techincally my rez day is even the 5th anniversary (9/11/2006). Which at the time had nothing to do with checking out SL, but is a reminder every year, and feels wierd to celebrate. And this year I nearly forgotted!

/me blows out 2 candles and passes out cake and ice cream


One Response to “More back and I’m 2”

  1. Aisuru Rieko September 12, 2008 at 10:19 pm #

    happy rez day! ❤

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