Warning Bore Factor

29 Jul

When I’m working so much on stuff, I feel like I don’t have  alot to share. That my posts would be boring, especially cuz I’m not ready to show off anything I’m working on just yet.

So here’s that post. Sorry so boring.

I’ve been working like crazy on clothes and am proud to say I’ve gained critical mass, wherein I spend a decent amount of time each day working on stuff and am seeing myself get faster and faster and better and better. I’m deciding what I want to open with and also the plan for the 2nd, et al release. I’m spending time thinking and planning how I want things laid out in the store. The poster designs and naming things and thinking about where you buy things like lucky chairs (found ’em) and prize camping (looking). Wondering if FashCon is still relevant (since far too many people are annoyed with/turning off notices). Thinking about some of the cool customer service things I want to implement (for which I will need to hire a custom scriptor, so they will have to wait until after I open and am generating a bit of cash flow in order to pay them what I’m guessing I’ll need to pony up).

But I did take a bit of time off from creating this weekend to stalk some lucky chairs and run errands and wear somebody else’s clothes. And I maked a purty picture that I like a lot.



3 Responses to “Warning Bore Factor”

  1. Willow Caldera July 30, 2008 at 6:18 am #

    Aaawww that picture is so gorgeous! Very Scarlett Johansson…

  2. Krissy July 30, 2008 at 4:33 pm #

    This is one of my favorite dresses. 🙂 I read somewhere that FashCon lost it’s relevance when they stopped screening designers and simply charging a flat admission fee. So the group is spammed a lot. You might check out Aspire!’s new subscription service. It may be an advertising option. 🙂 Good luck!

  3. QueenKellee Kuu July 31, 2008 at 12:26 am #

    @Willow: aww tankies 😀 and yes I agree very Scarlett Jo

    @Krissy: I know I’m annoyed with fash con, but perhaps there are still a few I might reach there. Still mulling it over. But I agree: there’s a huge quality issue. I’ve read about the Aspire thing, I’m going to see if it’s something interesting/useful from a consumer point of view first, before I plunk down a subscription fee.

    To be honest, I had an inspiration one night a few weeks ago, an idea for the “next gen fash con” but it would be so much work that I don’t have time right now.

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