Palm Slap to Forehead

27 Jun

Mixed Emotions

Soo….I was getting SOOOO proud of myself b/c after the viper pit party on wednesday night I sat down and got a huge major start on an outfit for my store that I actually think is awesome and will work. (sidenote: my new outfit is NOT the one pictured above, that is a suuuupercute dress from the always fab Big Booty Big Money) I’m still struggling a bit with the prim bits and it’s not nearly anywhere finished but I am very excited because I’m now at the point where every new thing I start seems to have huge jumps in quality. Yay!! Stuff is sticking!! The new outfit is very much based/inspired on a RL costume I modified/made and wore to Burning Man pasts.

When I started this whole clothing designing thing I quickly learned that there’s a few distinct parts to designing clothing in SL: the first being the design of the outfit itself, the second of course being to translate that design in photoshop to create an SL wonder of beauty. Two quite diff skill types but both equally important. So having to worry less about implementing a brand new design has helped me work on improving the photoshop skillz, me thinks. I will probably do a few more crossovers from my RL costume vaults to gain some more practice and it will be fun to maybe put RL pictures up next to the SL ads!

And I do have a goal to wear it to the next viper pit party (fingers crossed it’s finished in time).

So happy happy joy joy tra la la la…..BUT THEN…(insert car tires screetch/record scratch)

Suddenly today I get that feeling, that yHi6&F%6dV#*6br!!!Vve&^ feeling when I saw that the beloved Canimal has released this awesome Slaughterhouse Chic apron. NOOOOOOOoooOOOOO I screamed. Why? Because I have made something enough similar gathering dust unfinished on my hard drive/inventory. Not completely the same, mind you; mine is a set of aprons in a bunch of diff styles and patterns (ranging from girlie to more utilitarian like Cani’s) in a bunch of diff types (normal, worn, dirty, bloody). But mine are soo not nearly finished (it was one of the first items I worked on so the quality is sucky, but I was planning to revisit and finish before opening my store)

And this is not the first time this has happened. A few weeks back when I saw this pic from the loverly dorks I gasped in horror. OMFGBBQSH!TBALLS that looks soooo much like another of my unfinished projects! (the flower outfits) Not exactly to the Tee but close-ish enough. *cries*

See, the issue here is multi-fold. First, flooding the market with a specialty thang. Then worrying that people think that I’m copying, then to worry that the designer themselves accuses me of copying! Now, I do have technical proof that I at least started these designs before the others were released or I saw them but thats beyond the point. I don’t want to step on toes or give people a reason to start drama especially when I’m only starting out trying to establish myself. But this most bothers me because everytime this happens it gets me all depressed and then I don’t work on my store items for a week or more. 😦

Should I start just ignoring all SL fashion and give up shopping completely for awhile? Should I just say F*** it and do what I planned on? Put them on the waaaay backburner and give the established products a metric tonne of breathing room before even think about releasing? forget about ever releasing them? talk to the orginal designers? work on making them specificially different than the others? this is all new terrority for moi.

Clearly, there is one thing I need to do: start finishing things and releasing them right away! That might avoid the whole problem, huh?

/me opens photoshop and gets crackin….


2 Responses to “Palm Slap to Forehead”

  1. Cerrie Janus June 30, 2008 at 11:47 am #

    Maybe think of it this way; there are camps of people who will shop at Cani’s store who would not don the dorks stuff. Be a bridge! Let them shop at your store. And in a world where you can go here and get jeans with scribbles on them and then go next door and get the same…well each creator brings their own thing to the table. Or maybe just claim you have been breached telepathically when you were sleeping and your ideas have been pilfered? 🙂

  2. QueenKellee Kuu June 30, 2008 at 12:02 pm #

    LOL hehe yes, thanks Cerrie, all good suggestions 😀

    Luckily since this post I’ve been swept with a creative motherload of new ideas so I think I’ve decided not to worry too much about it right away. I’ll probably someday release them both, but probably not until I feel I’ve made them different enough from the current offerings.

    But you are right about the bridge concept: my store will probably have a very wide and eclectic mix of offerings, at least that’s how it’s looking so far! 🙂

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