Windlight Settings for You!

10 Jun

New Windlight Preset

Look at me, being the suuuuuuper good blogger (/me pats self on back).

First, I want to thank everyone who’s been responding to my “poll” in the last post! Yay! And if you’re reading this and haven’t responded there yet, keep ’em coming!

So a few weeks back I made a windlight preset which I do from time to time but most of them I don’t end up liking that much when I use it again. Except this one. Which I can’t stop using! It’s soft and purty and pinky and dreamy and sunrisey (except it’s actually sunset hehe).

It seems that sometimes when ppl exchange the preset xml files 2/3 of the time they won’t load on my machine properly so I have to dig into it and fix things and blah blah so to avoid that I’ve just taken screen shots of the sky and overlaid the settings in a graphic. So yes you have to create a new preset, name it, input my numbers and save it yourself but it’s well worth it I think!! (and yes, you will have to click the link to see the full sized version on flickr to see the numbers)

New Windlight Preset

Here’s a shot of how it looks on objects and avies (FYI I am wearing a very very low wattage single face light in this shot but no PS work)

New Windlight Preset

Any questions or problems feel free to ask. Enjoy!


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