SL Suggestions: 2 – In-world Mail

10 Jun

Close up

In general I’m pretty much an SL/LL fangirl. But I’m far -FAR- from blind to the most prelevant Second Life problems and issues. Like the big ones. Da buggers.

Like………….——> !!!!!!!! ******* jha98gyYG&*YO*&EHG98h *looks left, looks right, leans forward and whispers….*

Why The F. don’t we have inworld mail?

I mean, my god. that’s like… 1986.

On Joe Random’s™© website I can sign up and have some kind of site mail or message service that consists of an inbox, outbox, archiving, To’s and From’s, RE:’s and FW’s…I mean c’mon!! That’s considered basic internet service(manners)! I swear it’s even in the U.S. Constitution (You Shalt Have E-Mail was like, the 11th bill of right). What just about any idiot can have on their own personal piece of the web is waaaaaay…. worlds more — nay, UNIVERSESESESES more than the glorified hack in SL which is offline IM’s and notecard droppings.

(btw, what color are notecard droppings? do they smell? leave a stain ?!?)

This basic lack of service has forced us to use things like groups for more than we should need to. It’s forced business owners to go coocoo or die trying to keep up since we have no solid, archivable, formal means of contact with their in-world customers. Outside of out-world emails, of course. And all kinds of other types of contact opportunities to keep people connected. My brain just explodes with the possibilities.

I mean, like *duh*

….Oh, and while the bag is open, can we also get various levels of “friends”? And of course I still want more groups. Is there a way to make the amount of groups limitless? perhaps allow group owners to turn features on and off *cough*GROUPCHAT*cough* and allow for less stress on the database and slicker backend scripting. ?? !!

For the future of Second Life, I honestly hope LL is listening.

I take a lot of pictures of myself


One Response to “SL Suggestions: 2 – In-world Mail”

  1. CeNedra June 11, 2008 at 1:49 pm #

    OH – SLmail – what a great idea

    If I had a wish list, I’d with I could log on as “appear offline”. I like to have a few minutes when I log in to check messages and change my clothes, or even just to be alone for a bit. If I can have a status on my various messenging services, I should be able to have one in SL.

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