SL Suggestion Box 1: Sculptie Render Pipeline

25 May

Welcome to a new feature on my blog, where I act like I’m Very Smart and Provide Open Suggestions to the community and our Dear Overlords Linden Lab on ways to improve Second Life.

My first one is a particular Grrr of mine. The dreaded Sculptie Balls Syndrome.

I understand that yes sculpties will take longer to load as their data is in fact made up of an image. Here’s what peeves me: when I see a bunch of unrezzed-shape sculptie balls that are properly textured. The texture that makes up the shape of the sculptie is almost always ? most times ? a lot smaller than the “image” texture. It seems the rendering pipeline gives those bigger images the priority. Or at the very least it’s not prioritizing the shape image.

I’d *much* rather see a gray sculptie shapes than textured sculptie balls.

Couldn’t the call for the sculpt texture include some sort of “pipeline jumper flag” that says, Hey, put this texture first in the rendering pipline. Because now what happens is these are tending to load *very last* and it’s quite annoying.

From a user standpoint, Sculpties should render when the rest of the prims do. To the user it shouldn’t matter the “why”, you work that out under the hood to create a seamless experience. You don’t need to see a bunch of textured unrezzed scuptie balls, give me the shape before the texture.

It may seem like a minor point, but I think it’s one thing that irks a lot of people, and is certinaly not helping with keeping newcomers around… especially if they don’t get why everything is a bunch of odd shaped spheres.


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