We’ll Call it Productive Week

5 May

Because that’s what it’s already been so far and will be!

First I have some RL stuff to take care of, namely my Demo Reel! I don’t think I’ve mentioned here, but my RL Job is that I work as a freelancer doing either Video Editing and Motion Graphics, or sometimes I do a variety of odd jobs on set during productions of various music videos, business corporate videos, TV and films. Work lately has been…nonexistent! (Which accounts for why I’m on SL A Lot lately). So when work is tight, time to start hustlin outside the normal circles, which means I gotta prove mai skillz which means !gasp! a demo reel. I have been avoiding this for a long time, in fact making my demo reel and resume always sends me into fits of anxiety. The past few days, though, it’s not scared me as much, and I’ve actually felt an urge to do it so I went with it!

When I (finally) finish I’ll post it here for shits-n-giggles.

And after that’s done I Am Going To Finish Some Items And Open My Store I Swear. Said nonexistent RL jobs are starting to put a damper on my SL spending, and it would be nice to have a wee little bit of moola to put toward renting my shop spot. My opening strategy is to have loads of freebies and a few items for sale. Actually I’ll probably always have loads of freebies. I love freebies, so I want to give give give back. Oh but I have so much to do before I can open in addition to just finishing items…store posters, get my fash con dealie, start new Royally-only blog…oh my head is swimming.

So anyhow, at the end of this Productive Week we’ll see how far I am for realz.

And for some reason now I hate making posts without pics so here’s one I liked from last week sometime:


Have a great day everybody!


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