Vomit-Inducing Cuteness

26 Apr

Sorry, my 2.37 readers, that my blaaagh has turned blahhh. I’ve been quite busy with the following tasks:

1. Trying Not To Shop For Avie stuff (clothing, accessories). Status: Epic Fail.

2. Trying To Justify Shopping for Cute Stuff for my Store Build. Status: Can you say Happy Stump?

2. Working on items for my store. Status: Eleventy Billion more unfinished items, Zero finished.

3. Working on the store build. Status: Cursing my Linden-Dirt Terrain; Sobbing from being forced to use precious prims for grassy lawn.

4. Working on the store Branding (logos and display styles). Status: um…I downloaded a buncha new fonts!! I love fonts!!

5. Trying Not To Get Frustrated At Clothing Making. Status: Avoiding Photoshop for the moment!

6. Trying Not To Puke From The Cuteness Overload that is my New Bunny Pet (and baby chick!) from LittleGirl Shop! Status: *Burp*

Vomit-Inducing Cuteness

I do have a goal though. I will be opening my store….soonish. How’s that for specific? 😀


One Response to “Vomit-Inducing Cuteness”

  1. Willow Caldera April 26, 2008 at 6:02 pm #

    /me is still laughing at that ridiculous ball of fluff!

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