Yay! errr….yay?

24 Apr

OK so that’s weird:

I downloaded the newest newest RC last night, crossing my fingers, since the last one crashed me instantly, while the one before worked great, but the one before that had the mighty mouse bug so I didn’t use it. So if you can follow my rambles, I’m on an Every-Other-One-Works thing.

So this new one works great for me! With a noticable speed up, like 5 fps! Yay! Happiness! Still hadn’t checked all the bugs yet, but some immediate obvious ones seemed better (build outlines not sliding around so much when I cam about), but then I read on the big blog comments that lots of people are having problems. And reporting the exact opposite scenarios as me (as in last one worked great, this one crashes me immediately)….weird. and they report having similar set ups (macs with nvidia cards)

I admit it: I want to use teh dazzle. Not because I like the color scheme, but for other things: I’m in love with the new camera control sliders in preferences. I’m creaming in my pants over the anti-aliasing in client (which although every time I switch to 16x to take a picture I cringe, fearing a crash, but I have yet to crash when it does the scary “changing resolutions” thing). I’m learning a lot with the whole Avatar Rendering Cost thing. Want to play with scriptable glow and using other sculpty forms (without having to script to do it). And start to work on some Dazzle skins!

Sadly, Oh yes, I do get insta-crash in appearance mode. But not the “beacons always on” crash many are reporting in the big blog post comments.

But…man, I’m starting to hate this process. Simply because I’m trying to get a feeling for what to test, what’s crashing others, and the whiners bitchers crabby asses really drive me into a horrible mood. This especially gets my goat: when people start ranting and bitching about the RC being buggy, don’t report the bugs, then scream to everyone how it’s soooo UNUSABLE AND KEEPING ME FROM USING SL OR MAKING MY SLMONEY GOSHDERNIT. Um….use the regular viewer? Or even the viewer before that, you can still use that one! Or Nicholaz’s version! Some people just need to have drama in their SLives. It’s an RC people! By it’s very nature of what it is…IT WILL BE BUGGY (gasp).

Also the same people that complain about it not working, they want bug fixes now now now (therefore regularly release updates). Which way you want it peoples?

I’m sorry but nothing puts me in a worse mood than to have to read a eleventy billion Second Lifers (*snicker*) bitch and complain!

/me looks at herself and shuts up now. 🙂


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