12 Apr

(Beware: rambly, pointless mostly RL-based post ahead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

So, I live in San Diego.

(Yeah, jealous much?)

Anyway, today was SO HOT. Like, too hot. 90! In April! I mean, ya gotta work up to 90. Whew! I know, I know…I shouldn’t complain but we don’t have air conditioning and all our big fans broke the end of last summer and we need new fans!

Between my maxed-out ceiling fan and my G5’s jet engines fans, I could barely hear my WOW-addicted boyfriend call to me from the next room, asking if I wanted to see his cool thingamamboberdealie. I forget all the names for his WOW thingers except Epic Mount and Goblin Jumper Cables. Oh yes, I know he’s a level 70 Rogue? I don’t play WOW or most video games really. I played Portal. That was fun. (Although I had to play it on boyfriend’s icky Windows puter *wipes hands*)

Um. yea. That’s all really. I’m procrastinating starting dinner. Falafels and corn on the cob.

Oh! OMG I keep meaning to make a blog post about this but I am a big HUGE fan of Battlestar Galatica! Anyone turned off by that — just wait! See I’m really not a huge Sci-Fan Fangirl. Battlestar is simply one of the best written shows there is. (Mad Men and Battlestar are tied for #1 right now I lurve them both so much)

ANYWAY! Battlestar finally started their new -and final(SOB!)- season! OMG I thought it would never arrive. Anyway, last night while watching it I was looking fer clues…Cuz I haf to know who’s the Final Cylon Model! the 12th! the 5th of the Final 5!

And I think I have figured it out! Of course it’s an early theory. We’ll see how it all works out. I won’t discuss here for the spoilage factor and b/c I’m Sure Nobody Cares. 🙂

OK: I think it’s me. I’m a cylon. Not really. But honestly the past 2 Friday nights, both times I had not thought about the show at all that day but precisely at 10 pm (when it comes on here) I look at the DVR and see it’s 10:00 pm and that it’s recording. Then I see #5 beside me in a red dress handing me a glass of champagne…Ok not really. but the time thing yes. Srsly.

Well, if you made it to the end, Thank You So Much for Joining Us This Evening on THE QUEEN PROCRASTINATES MAKING DINNER. Brought to you by….Tecate beer! It’s made in (barely) Mexico!

Time to make da dinner.


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