Tunnel of Light

27 Mar

A new feature on my blog! Cool places to visit! The category title is called “Hop Skip & a Jump” in memory of my Grandma from a phrase she used to say all the time. She loved to travel, and when we were kids anytime she talked about anyplace it was always only a “hop, skip & a jump” away. Hehe…and now in SL it really is!

Tunnel of Light

Sooo……..First up is a Windlight Exclusive place. Yes, you holdouts, you need Windlight to enjoy the beauty of this place. It’s The Tunnel of Light! And it’s allll about the glow…

Tunnel of Light

Tunnel of Light

I’m only showing a few pics, and honestly, the pics don’t even come close to the experience. Much of what you see is moving, animated or otherwise. It’s amazingly beautiful!

Tunnel of Light

It’s essentially a ride you take through a series of “lands”…feels a bit like Disneyland on Acid 🙂

Tunnel of Light

You can stop the car at anytime too (it moves you up and out of the way)…and at the end you can come back and walk around any of the areas.

Tunnel of Light

Tunnel of Light

I went there a few times, and one time I was there lo and behold there’s my Mysti Tool telling me that the Creator Spiral Walcher was there with a “cup” full of people, prolly giving a personal tour to some friends. Caught a quick snap…

Tunnel of Light

There’s a gift shop where you can get various glowy stuff and cool top hats with little scenes from the Tunnel of Light in them.

So set your sun for midnight, fire up the Windlight err Release Candidate and head on down to The Tunnel of Light…you won’t regret it!


2 Responses to “Tunnel of Light”

  1. WillowC March 28, 2008 at 8:25 am #

    Hmph, stop tempting me, I am NOT d/ling Windlight 😛

    Although that tunnel does look kinda fun…

  2. Alicia Chenaux March 28, 2008 at 3:15 pm #

    So cool!!! I agree, the pics really don’t do this place justice. I’ve been using Windlight for ages now, and it’s so fun to go somewhere created especially for it! Did you pick up your free glowsticks? 🙂

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