zOMG I’m on a Roll

1 Mar

Two posts in two days…Yay for me. Someone fetch me my treat.

I’m planning this long drawn out post, really I am, but for the sake of simply posting that one is on hold-io while I bring you….big hair via Miss Bettiepage Voyager of BP*

I know I’m about the eleventyth-million person to blog this hair but it deserves mad props. I also noticed today she had set the hair for sale. In case you’re too cool for school and can’t be seen chomping at the bit, screaming at a chair about how it’s H AGAIN!!!

Ok, piccies:

I have a secret

<3 this

Yay. More substantial posts to come. Including musical instruments, quick-sand grass, and being a sandbox hobo.

More pics and the fashiony deets on my Flickr.


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