Something to Try

26 Aug

Update: I just found a ton of JIRAs for issues related to the same issues I was having, so this bug is more widespread than I thought, and not just Mac centric.

The newest Firestorm beta has just been released that also contains this bug, so this might start effecting lots of people. Symptoms can vary, such as TP’s fail or crash you, friends list never loads, (shows loading) you can’t IM someone (but they can IM you) you can’t open profiles, groups do wierd things, can’t see or upload mesh or can’t edit objects or have trouble creating objects or saving objects. It can seem like you aren’t fully connected to the grid. See the instructions below to change your DNS to Google’s as a workaround so you can continue to enjoy SL while they work on fixing the bug.


I see quite a few people complaining on Plurk that the official Second Life Viewer2/Viewer3 is very laggy for them. This may help,  it’s worth a shot. And it might improve your internet speed overall (or so I read, if that’s wrong and you know better, chime in).

I was having some DNS related bugs on the newer set of viewers 2.7 and above, and the workaround is setting my DNS to use Google’s DNS. My original problems seemed to be more Mac centric, though there were some Vista users. BUT! whatever the DNS related bugs, it could be affecting other people in different ways. So, worth a shot I think?

If this does work, please leave a comment! And if it doesn’t work, leave a comment, too. And if you just want to say Hi, leave a comment 🙂


MAC (Mac first, sorry I’m biased)

  1. Open ‘System Preferences’ -> ‘Network’ -> ‘Advanced…’ -> ‘DNS’
  2. Click “+” and type
  3. Click “+” and type
  4. Close ‘System Preferences’
  5. Restart Second Life

Here’s a pic of the relevant windows on Mac:


I can’t guarantee this workflow b/c I’m not a PC but it covers XP, vista and 7 here:

Linux – I assume you know how to change your DNS, change it to:


17 Mar

Royally at Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

I’ve been around, but quiet. Time for that to end!

I’ve thrown myself headfirst into opening Royally again. The crisis in Japan and subsequent PCF fundraiser has pushed me further.

I’ve put 2 items up for so far at the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser with more to come. I also have them up in my store. 100% contribution. My stuff is here (and look up, 2nd row above the floor):

I’ll have at least 2 or 3 more PCF items in the coming days, so stay tuned. And after that, some normal new releases for Royally. And oh yea, Royally is open, nothing new except Fundraiser stuff for now. Royally slurl for the curious:

Back. Breathe.

13 Jan


Oh Hai! I bet you thought I’d given up this thing. I never give up, I only languish in suspended animation. In fact, while you aren’t here reading this blog I actually cease to exist. Not really, but that would be cool. For someone. I guess.

Moving on…someone find me a transition….oh yea. So, I guess you could say I never really gave up on Royally, either. Last year was really wierd for me, but I’m taking it all and moving forward. Outside my own productivity issues, RL work stuff, lack of confidence and uber stressedness there was big financial whoas. After basically being Cut Off financially in SL except for the rarest of rare $L buy and my glorious $400L/week  allowance, I had to give up my overhuge (but cute, wahhhh) space where I had a lot going on but literally only 1 product on my shelves to help pay expenses. Clearly, I needed to pack it up and rethink things.

I was (and am) determined to keep my premium membership, my lil $400L allowance (9/06 rez date, biatches), and my lil 512 of 117 glorious prim goodness. I even made it into a quasi home, perhaps the most “home” I’d had in a long time in SL. I did some hunts, checked out 50L fridays, sent my alts to hunts (more on that in upcoming posts), built a little…then I started scripting some stuff. playing, trying to remember how to…

Then I got sucked back in. I got off my duff and put some stuff on xstreet (finally).

I thought for awhile back and forth about reopening Royally. I thought about a small small shop in a cool mall somewhere, something that wouldn’t cost more than my stipend–God forbid I sold nothing, I could still afford it.

I also thought about opening a shop on my 512. Ground level, although far from the most offensive mainland has to offer, isn’t much to look at, and clearly could change in a moments notice. So skybound. But 117 prims? Can I do anything worth doing store wise with 117 prims?

I languished back and forth, but a few days ago just Did It. Started.

So…the answer is yes. I can do something cool enough with 117 prims. I’ll be re-opening very soon (with new merchandise to follow shortly after, depending on my RL schedule) on a tiny 512 mainland plot in the sky.

Personally, I think I’ve done some genius things to save as many prims as possible (praising the salt hud/megaprim goodness for their help), while trying to keep it visually interesting. And still enough room to grow that I should be ok for a little while. At least until I making enough sales to justify buying some more land to increase my prim count.

Yay! And Yay that I blogged. Finally!

Pimpin’ myself

2 Apr

Hi all….I know I’ve been ignoring this blog a lot lately, but I don’t plan to for long.

Part of the reason, tho, is that I was getting my store blog for Royally set up… not all finished yet, but hey.

So two things on that: firstly, from a question on plurk by Laleeta, I made a tutorial today! It’s a tip that designers creating vendor ads or fashion bloggers might find really  handy, so check it out.

Also, I’m slowly setting up a blogroll over at the Royally site, and wanted to include some links to some of my friends (basically a “Friends of Royally” blogroll section). But since it’s for my store, I wanted to ask first before adding anyone, so if you want to be added to my Royally blog roll, drop your name in comments!

I keep meaning to do a love Thursday post and keep forgetting on Thursdays. Except today is Thursday. But I have to go to the store now or else I’ll starve. So maybe later today or a late one tomorrow….? *sigh*

Valentimes Group Gift!

12 Feb

I made a group gift for Valentimes Day. It’s in my subscribomatic, you can sign up here, touch the easel and use history to grab it. (yes I meant to say Valentimes. Dear ole 30Rock made me forever change the way I speak of this holiday). Anyhoo…enough babble. picture:

Valentimes Day Group Gift from Royally

Have a good weekend everyone ❤

Royally is open!

3 Feb

With only 1 item so far, but we all have to start somewhere I guess  *digs up a slurl*

I’m working on getting my store’s blog up and running, but for the moment I will proudly show here. 🙂 Also, I’m proud of my vendor ad design, I’m sure I’ll hate it in a week but for now I’z pleased. So pardon my uber image spamming —>>>

(Oh! BTW! My first outfit is named after Alicia! \o/ )

Royally Alicia

Royally Alicia

Royally Alicia

Royally Alicia

Royally Alicia

Royally Alicia

Royally Alicia

there’s even more pictures on my flickr, showing the color combos with the major color options (yay for texture change scripted!)….

Today is a good day 😀

I can haz SpaceNavigator!

8 Jan

from a dream

Guess who got a new tooooyyyyy! Yup, I justified spending some of my Christmas money on a SpaceNavigator I’ve wanted for awhile.

It did take me way longer than it should have to set up…the defaults in the software and in SL were a bit wonky compared to how I want it to run. It might have to do with being on a Mac, but even the SL “spacenavigator defaults” were way wrong. Forward on it sent me flying down? pulling up sent me walking backward? no, that won’t do. I did finally map it all to where I’m happy, and am playing with tweaking settings. I used AM Radio’s Beneath The Tree That Died as a beautifully inspiring practice space (picture above). Turning off auto-level is fun! If not a little dizzy at times. And that wacky 4x image repeat is not some nifty brush effect. It’s a bug with glow and high res snapsnots. But it made for an interesting image I think!

I’m making myself use it the few times I’ve been out and about since getting it, instead of camming, in order to get practice. It makes mundane camming feel so cinematic! Ohhh exciting! But omg how many times have I forgotten and tried to alt click? yea, doesn’t work when in flycam mode.

I’m definitely gonna be making a machinima soon, but I’ve got to get my store open first. Before it’s totally out of the season for 1 of my outfits (and that time is coming up quick). I’m having trouble with some pants. Pants are hard to make. OMG it’s gonna be awhile before I want to make pants again.